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27. Mai 2014

The Best of Both Worlds.


So I was just watching the movie High School Musical, I'm sure all of you know it. It's this movie about a boy and a girl in High School who dare to do something new, end up proving everyone wrong, and changing the whole school. That's what it's about for normal people, for me, however (and I bet every exchange student in the US) it is the reason why we're here. Without movies like that I never would have gotten the idea of doing this year. Of course, High School is not like all the movies make it seem - no dancing and singing in the cafeteria,  no mean girls and no happy end at the end of every school year. But, nevertheless High School is awesome! We might not be dancing in the cafeteria, but what do we do at pep rallies? It's a huge party! We don't have mean girls, but there certainly is a lot of drama, and while not every school year ends movie worthy, it ends with a bang and the promise of an even better new school year ... Unless you're a Senior or an exchange student, then school ends with lots of tears, anxiety and even more tears.

Im not sure why I'm ranting like this, but I just feel like time is running. I can't believe school will be over in two weeks, which  means I have to say goodbye very soon. I'm not gonna lie, I'm very excited to see my parents again, go to the beach, and yes, even fly back to Germany and see my friends and family again, to sleep in my room, and do all the things you can only do in Germany (at least when you're under 21), but at the same time the thought of leaving, tears my heart apart. This has been my dream for roughly five years, and to think that it's gonna be over so soon is terrifying and even more terrifying is the thought of starting new again. I have made some of the greatest friends here in Texas, and part of me wishes I was born here, just so I could have spend a lifetime with them, but then I would have never met some of the greatest people in Germany which are as equally important to me. It seems like I just can't win.

My exchange year in Texas has been a blessing, but at the same time it has also been a curse. From now on, I will have two places to call home.  I turn 18 in September and I already know that I won't be able to spend it with some of my closest friends, and the same goes for every upcoming birthday or holiday. I live in two worlds now, and I will never be able to combine them, but I know that my friendship with the people I love the most is strong enough, on either side of the pond.

When I came to the US I had many goals, such as improving my English, getting to know a new culture, becoming more independent, and just leave my world for a little bit. I was more or less expecting to make "friends", but I never expected to find sisters. I'm not going to go much (more) into detail, don't worry I'll have a surprise for y'all, but I just needed to say how much these people mean to me. I love you guys so much! You've been there for me no matter what, and thanks to you I've become a better person. Thank you, I'll never forget you.

Now, before I get even more emotional I'm gonna add some pictures and go to bed.

Love y'all sooo much

- Georgia

corrected by Alisha Adams ^.^

1. Mai 2014

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock, time flies ....

Yes I am still alive! 
I am probably the worst blogger ever but the last four months were just  crazy busy! I literally spent all my time dancing, stretching or in school. The American way of life is awesome but also exhausting. 
I'm going to summarize everything that happened in the last months. That is, if I remember everything - so let's get started!

I think I stopped somewhere around January so that's where I'm going to start. Like in Germany we had two weeks of Christmas break before school started again on January 6th and that meant it was finally here: competition season! Looking back now that's what January mostly consisted of, oh, and exams luckily I was exempt in most of my classes, which meant I only had to take my Algebra 2 and English final - I made a 98 on both of them! 
The last weekend of January we left school early on friday to drive down to San Antonio, which is a beautiful city right by a river. We arrived in the evening and I had my first dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Unbelievable that it took me five months to eat Mexican food in Texas but hey, better late than never, right? I definitely enjoyed it, but even better was the atmosphere between all the dancers. Maybe it was the thrill of our first competition, but we all felt so close! After eating we took pictures and danced to a band/singer, who was singing almost exclusively for us. It was so much fun!
The next morning, however was extremely stressful. We had to get up early to get costume, make up and hair ready. Since it was our first competition no one really knew what we wanted and "high buns" were taken a little bit to seriously. It took us several hours but in the end we all were bathed in hairspray, bobby pins, lipstick and blush (ain't it fun to be a girl?) and we drove to the Spurs stadium. Before we had to perform we got to see some of the other teams perform, and holy cow! There were some routines that were absolutely amazing! Sadly we didn't get to see a whole bunch because we had to start stretch and then perform! 
I'm going to spare you with all the details and am just going to say that we did good, but were no where near the four winning teams, which was never our goal anyways. We got a sweepstakes which means we got 85 or more and most importantly we all had FUN! We spent the rest of the day going back to the hotel, changed, had dinner at Applebee's and then came back for the Spurs game. It was my first professional basketball game to watch and I enjoyed it a lot! The entertainment between the actual game is probably the best part, but it was pretty cool the see them win. The two teams who performed during half time (they both had kick routines) made me so jealous! Their kicks where high, pointed, straight and everything else a dancer wants them to be! 
Sunday, we had to leave earlier than we wanted to because bad weather was about to hit Whitney and Texans are very paranoid about their "bad weather". At least we got to stop at BJ's which is now my favorite restaurant!

Sista's Cydi & Yesi 

Ready for competition!

I'm going to write about February tomorrow!
Thanks for reading <3 

2. Januar 2014

Emily's talking 'bout the Hudechek's

Hey guys!
This is Emily, Georgia's host sister, and I'm gonna tell y'all a little about my family.
First theres me, the youngest, and I share my room with Georgia. Im in 8th grade and am in all possible honors classes (math is algebra 1, honors science, and honors english/language arts), I'm really into sports such as cross country, basketball, track (100m hurdles, 100m dash, 400m relay, 2400, high jump, and possible pole vaulting this year), and lastly golf (which I'm not good at). Im also in UIL One Act Play as one of two female alternates. Band is last but not least. I play the trombone and I'm 1st chair.
My only other sibling is Sidney. She is a sophomore and in all available pre-AP classes possible. She also is in athletics but only does cross country and track. She is on the UIL Science team (which is where she is every day after school), and is the sound man for UIL One Act Play. She isn't really into doing homework an would rather just sit on her phone and text all the time. Sidney's not very social and doesn't have a lot of friends and the ones she does have are almost all guys.
As you already know I think, Georgia is the oldest child (junior in high school) so then its my dad, Brett. My dad works with his older brother at a fire and safety company in waco so thats kinda all he does. He's a good cook when he does cook and also does almost all the yard work and anything else thats manly outside (like putting up the christmas lights). He's pretty mellow except when sidney won't get off her phone, the most common result of that is her getting the phone taken away.
Last is my mother, Becky. She is a very good hair stylist and hands and feet person (like manis and pedis), so if you need a hair cut and you live near Hillsboro Texas, go to Salon 110 the Annex. Anyways, she is a good mother but she gets very stressed out very easily so we try not to do anything crazy around her. She does our laundry(thankfully) and most of the cooking.
Now that the people are taken care of, your gonna here about out zoo! Im gonna go smallest to largest so its not hard to remember. Sidney has three little baby red eared slider turtles in her room, there are two african clawed frogs that we've had forever and don't want but nobody will take them, I have a veiled chameleon in my room and is still a juvenile, and we just got a ball python named gregory from my aunt (temporary pet). Those are our reptiles and amphibians, now for the mammals. Outside in our barn i have four rabbits (two holland lops, one fat mini rex, and a californian), we have one chicken in the barn too, Apollo is our cat that lives outside and his some that is like his clones is Pan (everyone knows that apollo is a god but pan is also a god, look him up) they are annoying sometimes and crazy sometimes too, we have three dogs (Sunny is a fat yorkie/lhaso aspo mix that had puppies last fall) (Mercy is Sunny's daughter except she is part maltese too) (and Toby is a german shepard and maybe lab mix, he's really old and sweet but has bad hips) they are all inside/outside dogs, last and least is the horse Bluejeans (i don't like her and i want to get rid of her) she is a blue roan American Quarter Horse and she is for sale is anyone wants to buy her.
So thats our house of living things. I didn't take about Georgia because i was surpassed to talk about the Hudechek family only.

(P.S. Hudechek means carnivore so since Georgia's last name isn't Hudechek, I'm officially making the last name Jones mean carnivore too! eat more beef!)
PPS: Isn't she so sweet haha?!